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CM1 7/9/23 Blog

CM1 7/9/23 Blog

Hi everyone! It’s Daisy! We began our day with breakfast that included an array of pastries, such as nutella croissants, which many people enjoyed. Then, we grabbed all of our stuff and began our 30 minute journey to the beach. Once we arrived at the beach we lathered on sunscreen. Many people went into the ocean but Fiona and I started in the pool instead. At the pool we met two kids named Mila and Enzo. Kayla and I also met another little kid with an unknown name and played with him and his bucket for a while.

Everyone then went down to the ocean and continued to play with Mila and Enzo. Jordan was even able to get the kids into the vlog. Then, after a while of playing and relaxing at the beach, we enjoyed a lunch consisting of salads and burgers.

Next, we packed up all of our stuff and traveled about an hour until we arrived at our boat tour. The tour started with amazing views of the lake and mountains of Montenegro. Towards the middle of the tour we stopped at a place to swim. Many of us stayed on the boat but Dylan, Jack, and Jordan braved the lake and dove right into the mud. After the boys had had enough swimming we started again.

On the way back we saw cows and Ava was super excited. Jessie and Vera were also playing an intense game in attempt to guess each others pets’ names. We then played some trivia on the boat which was very fun. Then we were right back where we started and the tour had come to an end. We were all excited when we saw Aurora the dog waiting by the dock to say hi. We traveled another 30 minutes until we finally arrived at the cabin we are staying in for the night. Then we ended our night with a nice home cooked dinner of traditional Montenegrin food.

By: Daisy

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