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CM1 7/8/23 Blog

Yo, yo it’s Jordan. Today we started off by learning that we have the Bold Earth Instagram for the day. Jack, Dylan, and I spent some time coming up with ideas and started getting to it. Hopefully you all will get a chance to see our outstanding creations. Then our very nice and funny guide Novak took us through the Old City walls of Kotor. We saw churches and other famous historical buildings including a priest at one of the churches. After the tour of the Old City, Novak took us to his long time friends’ house where we had our cooking class. We cooked up some scrumptious food and had a great time with our funny cooking instructor Suzana. We made veggie dishes, homemade gnocchi and meat sauce, and these pastry things with fig and cheese. Now we are headed to the water for some fun activities. Without a cloud in the sky, we set sail on a beautiful boat towards our next stops. First, we visited Lady of the Rock, a church on an island in the middle of the ocean surrounded by mountains. Then we went to an old submarine hide-out. While on the way to the glorious Blue Caves, Jack, Dylan, Fiona, Jessie, Ava, and I sat in the front of the boat while I filmed a masterpiece on the GoPro of everyone singing along to classic tunes. The Blue Caves were magical. The pictures do not give it justice of how crazy blue it is. We all took a nice dip in some nearby caves where many of us saw some colorful fish. Now we are back in the hostel in Kotor getting ready for some free time in the Old City. Having free time was very nice as me and Dylan got some bussin(very good) rolled ice cream while the five person group went shopping and came back with what seemed like a duffel bag’s worth of stuff. Vera got a cool new shirt and Daisy bought gifts for her family members. For dinner, many folks got salmon and other fish. After dinner, we were split into 2 groups of 4 and each given a budget to get some ice cream. The rolled ice cream was so good that my group got 3 cups of the rolls. Now we’re back in the hostel with some chill time before evening meeting. I think I could speak for at least a majority of the group if not all, that today was by far our favorite day. We now look forward to enjoying every moment we have left in these last few days.

By: Jordan

P.S. Reminder to look out on the @BoldEarth Instagram for our takeover.

Note from Liv and Kayla- we heard so many times that today was the “best day of my life” from so many of the kids. We are having an amazing time. Thank you for trusting us with your kids and for allowing them to have the experience of a lifetime with us. We’re officially in the second half of our trip and talking a lot about embracing every moment. They’re all living each day to the fullest and we are so grateful to being doing the same with them!

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