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CM1 7/7/23 Blog

Hi everyone! It’s Ava. Today we had our last morning in Korcula. Me, Daisy, Fiona, Jessie, and Vera started our morning out with Liv waking us up to the new Taylor Swift album (the perfect way to wake up). We packed up our things and left our cabins to go into town for breakfast. We had a delicious breakfast with a gorgeous view of the water. We saw a very cute cat that Jordan and Dylan scared away with the GoPro and by trying to communicate with it.

After eating, we explored Korcula, admired the sights, and took lots of pictures. We also did some shopping, and all got bracelets before it was time to get on our ferry! On the ferry, Jack, Fiona, and I colored while everyone else took a power nap. Once the ferry arrived in Dubrovnik we all got on a bus and started our long journey to Montenegro. We did lots of different things to keep ourselves entertained during the 3 hour car ride, like singing Pitch Perfect riff-offs, lots of sleeping, and playing contact. Around 5, we finally got to our hostel here in the beautiful city of Kotor. Me, Daisy, and Jessie are very excited to have bunk beds again. At 6, we all walked to dinner where many people ordered Nutella crepes for dessert. After dinner we all sat by the water to have evening meeting and we discussed who would play us in a movie about our lives. Overall, it was a very long travel day but we also managed to have fun and entertain ourselves.

By: Ava

P.S.- Hi to my parents. I miss you and love you! And hi to all my friends who have the blog password miss u bye.

Note from Olivia and Kayla- Hello from Montenegro! We got another stamp in our passports today 🇲🇪 In the next 2 days it is likely that our trip will be featured on the Bold Earth Instagram! If you have an Instagram, follow Bold Earth so you don’t miss it!

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