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CM1 7/6/23 Blog

Yo, it’s Dylan! We got to Korčula last night. This morning we had a late start again at around 9 AM. Breakfast was eventful as we fed ants and watched them carry the food to their colony. The laundry started before everyone woke up and it will be going for a while.

2 hours later:

We walked down to the turf, tennis courts, plus volleyball and basketball courts to play some sort of games. Jessie dove with commitment playing volleyball. Jack, Jordan, Kayla, and I played tennis for a bit. Then, Jordan coached Vera on how to swing the racket, and after practice Vera hit the ball pretty consistently. After tennis, Fiona, Jack, Vera, Jordan and I played the game “around the world.” As expected, Jack beat all of us by a long shot. For lunch, we had a ton of different dips, meats, and chips. Fiona was the only one who liked the Croatian fish dip. We are now heading to paddle board down by the bay…

Everyone was in and out of the water while our parent phone calls were going on. The water was clear as always but it was a bit too windy to paddle board. So, we just laid down on the paddle boards for a while. Everyone was glad when Daisy was finally feeling a bit better. Hopefully, she will feel better for the rest of the trip! We came back to change and then headed to the grocery store for our meals tonight. There were 3 different groups. Jack and Daisy (Rice Bowls), Jordan, Jessie, and Vera (Quesadillas and Salad), and Fiona, Ava, and I (Pesto Pasta). All of the meals were amazing and I was very surprised. Ava and Fiona basically made the whole thing for my group, while I did my best. Either way, everyone had fun and enjoyed a good meal. We are having an early night because we have to wake up early (way earlier than the past two mornings). Today for me was a chill and eventful day and a good time was had by all.

By: Dylan

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