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CM1 7/5/23 Blog

Hi everybody, it’s Jessie! Today was our first and final morning in Bol. We started with our latest breakfast yet, at 9 o’clock from the hotel. Me, Jack, Fiona, and Vera, talked a lot how different people pronounce different words.

After that we went in the pool out front and played the movie game in the freezing water. After about two hours of playing we took a nice walk towards the beach to go to an AquaPark while we were decked out with stickers and gems. On the way, we got sandwiches to eat for when we got there. Olivia, Jordan, and Dylan went to run some errands and got a surprise snack for later.

Once we got to the beach, we settled on some rocks and doused ourselves in sunscreen. The AquaPark was so much fun. I fell about 50 times but I think everybody else did too. We spent a lot of time trying to get people on this pillow thing so another person could jump on it and launch them. Daisy and Jack were the only ones that could actually stay on, and I got to launch them both. Jordan also launched Daisy, but I was better at it, she says. It was there we met a friend, Max, who came all the way from Wilmington, North Carolina. I even made my own vlog, and I’d say I should be in charge of the vlogs from now on. After an hour of jumping, slipping, sliding, diving, falling, laughing, and face planting, our time was up and we had to leave. We said goodbye to Max and changed as fast as we could so we could make the 4:30 choo-choo train that we saw on the street earlier. It took us back near our hostel and we decided to go shopping for a little while. Around that time Ava (our Leader of the Day) told us we didn’t have to bring our backpacks from the hostel to the ferry, so we were all in a great mood. After most of the shopping was done we got some Croatian street food for later. We’re on the ferry now and I’ll update after we are in Korcula.

Hey I’m back! It’s around 9 pm and we’ve been in Korcula for a bit. On the ferry we had chocolate cookies shaped as cows for the surprise snack. Once we made it to Korcula we got to take a van to our rooms instead of lugging all our stuff there, thankfully. We have three little houses between all of us, and they’re so cute! We took a walk to the store, which happened to be next to the pizza place. On the way we watched some guys playing Bocce, which I had never heard of. We stocked up food for tomorrow, got our pizzas, and are now all eating on the front porch of one of our mini houses. Overall, today was super great and definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

By: Jessie

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