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CM1 7/3/23 Blog

Yo yo yo,

Hey family and friends, Croatia is great. Today we started the day off bright and early at 7:30 with a good breakfast of many different things like yogurt, cereal, and fruit. We then took a drive to rock climbing where Kayla told us a very confusing riddle (that remains unsolved).

Rock climbing was very intense, we climbed up a side of a slab of rock with nothing to grab except for natural divots in the mountain. Jordan and I had an intense climb-off for gelato, which I won by 6 seconds, 57 to 51. Shout out to everyone though, everyone surprised themselves by how good they were since most of us were still very sore from yesterday! Special shout out to Daisy, for taking after her professional rock climbing uncle and doing amazing on the cliff.

On the way back from rock climbing, Jordan, Dylan, and Ava and I learned a few new Croatian words like bambala (don’t know if that’s spelled right) which means take it easy, and chow bac, which means hello. Next we had a quick lunch and went into town to head to the beach. On the way, we all stopped at a market outside and bought many things including Vera’s very cool painting of Croatia. We then went to a cool concrete beach, which was new and fun. There was no sand and instead of sand it was just flat concrete! The water was pretty cold but everyone still went in! While at the beach, Vera, Jessie, Dylan, Fiona, and I played an extremely heated game of UNO with alliances. It ended with Dylan’s win, because Dylan and I cheated.

We then got burgers and vegetables for dinner while looking right over the water, which was very nice. Afterwards, we walked around town more and visited Diocletian’s palace, which was so cool. We took some pretty sick pictures, so hopefully you guys will see those. Last but certainly not least, shout out to Ava for finally getting her bag today, and surviving these last few days barely complaining!! That’s it from Split. In the end, a good time was had by all.

By: Jack

P.S – Dylan just got pooped on by a bird after this was read aloud

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