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CM1 7/2/23 Blog

Hello parents and families!

This is the first official blog post of the Croatia/Montenegro Bold Earth trip (aka the best one),and it is being written by me, Vera!

We are currently on our way to our canyoneering portion of the day, riding about an hour to the Cetina River. We’ll get suited up and do some hiking and swimming, I think? I’m not even really sure what canyoneering is!

I am super excited to be breathing real, fresh air and see some awesome things.

*7 hours later*

Hi again! Currently writing on the porch of our hostel which is the cutest room with two bunk beds, a single, a kitchenette, and a fully equipped bathroom. This area is covered in plants and birds, and it is our humble home for the next two nights.

Canyoneering was so so sick, it was beautiful and unique and unlike anything I’ve ever done. All of us were wearing our bathing suits, with long sleeve wetsuit type of jacket, with a suspender type wetsuit over that, with a life vest over that. Jessie rated that fit an 11 out of 10. The water was chilly but comfortable and the views were awesome, but it was by no means easy! We all really enjoyed it but we were pretty tired by the end and ready to rest. We were all pretty impressed and proud that Dylan went across the rocks so carefully with his hurt ACL (he didn’t hurt himself on the trip, it was an older injury!). The whole thing took about 9 hours (including breakfast, van rides, getting suited, and the actually trek) which is bonkers to me because it felt way shorter, yet also longer? My sense of time without my phone/ a watch is completely off so things feel really funky right now.

On the van home, me, Jessie, Jordan, and Ava discussed dream baby names, America’s got talent, British accents, and driving, while I heard the other van fell asleep immediately after the long day. We ate our yummy sandwiches with the lovely bread bought from Croatia’s finest bakery, and dinner tonight is being made by Jack, Jessie, and Ava. We’ve some exciting things on the menu, so we shall see what they deliver! Fiona, Daisy, Ava, Jessie, and I had a fun walk and break back in our hostel before Jessie and Ava left for Cook Crew.

It is around 8pm now, and we are post-dinner, a beautiful pasta with an array of sauces, garlic bread (sort of), broccoli (the best veg) and green beans. We ate on the lovely patio and had some great conversations. Jordan and Dylan made friendship bracelets, and many of us are also working on our own bracelets. Evening meeting is commencing so…yay! First full day on full sleep!! Go Team CroMo!


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