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CM1 7/12/23 Blog

Hello hello! It’s Vera again. This morning Jessie, Fiona, and I woke up around 7:45. We quietly got our things together since we were leaving our lovely hostel right after breakfast, but the boys started their morning off quite loudly, by repeating “good morning everybody!!” and singing several different songs, all of which we heard crystal clear through our shared wall. We all gathered for breakfast, which was a spread of various meats, breads, and eggs, plus these mini doughnuts we all loved. After eating, Jordan gave a warm welcome to our fantastic driver, Dragan, and we all piled into the van to get ready for a 4 hour drive. The drive took us through three countries, thus affirming our official new name, CroMoBo, for Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia. Many of us took the car as an opportunity to go right to sleep, but we also enjoyed some beautiful views, and I read my book. Our van music cycled through 2010s pop to Disney, and soon enough we arrived at our final hostel of the trip! We dropped our stuff and all got ready to grab lunch at a nearby sandwich shop. We made our way there after getting a rundown of everything there is to know about Dubrovnik from the hostel owner’s daughter. We all got sandwiches and an ice cold drink, which we quickly ate before heading to buy groceries for dinner. We are now chilling back at the hostel before our walking tour of Dubrovnik. Hi again! Post tour and dinner Vera here. The walking tour took us through the beautiful old city of Dubrovnik. Our guide Sonia entertained us with super cool stories of the city’s history, dating back to the 6th century. We strolled by famous churches, palaces, and a tennis competition in one of the squares. For dinner, the five person room had breakfast! We are granola, eggs, mango, yogurt, and fruit loops, while the boys had ramen and fried rice in their room. Today was quite hot and our longest car ride yet, but still a good day. We’re off to evening meeting so byeeee!

By: Vera

P.S -> CroMoBo’s insta takeover is featured right now on bold earth’s insta page so go check it out!! Jordan, Dylan, and Jack all worked hard on it, and since we’re the best trip, you have to go look!

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