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CM1 7/11/23 Blog

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo,

It’s Jordan, Jack and Dylan (Aka the Three Hooligans) writing today’s blog. We started off the day with a great breakfast made by the place we’re staying at. Then we got suited up in some wet suits, life vests, and helmets and headed down a narrow road in the rafting vans towards the starting spot of white water rafting. We were all in the same raft which was awesome. Then, we set sail down the river, which splits Montenegro with Bosnia. We hit some crazy waves and had loads of fun. About halfway through we took a quick break at a resting point, which happened to be on the Bosnian side of the river. We hiked a little bit through Bosnia and took some pictures in front of a beautiful waterfall. There were only eight paddling spots, and Daisy was more than happy to sit in the middle and film some funny moments and our runs through the rapids on our Go-Pro. Jack took a swim and then almost the whole group jumped in to the freezing water to float for a bit. Then we were able to do some cliff jumping which was crazy. Fiona and Ava had some doubts creep in but amazingly still jumped. Jordan jumped with arms flailing in the air and landed with a loud splash. Jack was off before anyone could look and Dylan was even able to jump VERY CAREFULLY. Olivia and Daisy filmed each person jumping. Then we ate lunch and had some chill time, where we all hung out together. Then, Kayla started the game Fishbowl with us. We ended up playing this game for like 2 hours and it was really fun and many laughs were shared, especially the acting round. The two teams were: Jordan, Ava, Daisy and Jessie vs. Jack, Dylan, Fiona and Vera. The second team won both games, however they were both very close. Dinner was very eventful, we always keep the whole group entertained. Jordan and Dylan got in some very funny arguments that amused the whole table and almost got them put them in time-out. Right now we are about to start evening meeting so we will see you tomorrow in Dubrovnik!

Peace Out

By: Jordan, Jack, and Dylan

P.S. Hooligans run Montenegro

P.P.S Jordan farted very loud while we were typing this up

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