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CM1 7/10/23 Blog

Hey it’s Fiona! Today, we woke up at 8:40 for a 9 o’clock breakfast. We had bread, meat, and various spreads, including lots of local Montenegrin food. Next, we hopped in the van to visit a Serbian Orthodox monastery. On the ride, our trusted driver Dragan made many twisted turns up the high mountain and got us up there safely. The monastery was beautiful with lots of history. We had some amazing sandwiches (in my opinion) and then we stopped during the drive at a gas station to get some road trip snacks. On the ride to the hostel we all fell asleep. Jack and Dylan woke up first and tried to narrate our dreams. My earring got stuck in Ava’s hair and it was a huge debacle. When we all woke up, we were in the Tara River Gorge and it was absolutely beautiful. We got to our hostel and I am rooming with Vera and Jessie. Next, we went to the river for a cold water plunge. I really enjoyed it and Vera, Jack, and Dylan stayed in especially long while Daisy chatted with a couple that was traveling through Europe. I’m currently writing this while we wait for dinner outside.

Dinner was delicious, I had pork with a great mushroom sauce. Evening meeting was hilarious; we discussed and defended our favorite vegetables. Overall we had a great day today!

By: Fiona

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