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Arriving in Split!

Greetings from Croatia!

We’re here and so ready for you all to be here too! We wanted to give you a quick rundown of what arriving to the airport in Split will look like.

It’s a super small airport with only one way out. Follow the 1 sign for baggage claim to the baggage carousels where you’ll collect your bag. The name of the city you came from will be on the screen above the carousel. You’ll probably already see Kayla and I waving at you by now, that’s how small the airport is!

Important note- everyone will go through Customs during their layover in Munich (or Paris). They will ask for your passport and your boarding pass (it might be easier to have your boarding passes printed out instead of on your phone). They may ask what you’ll be doing while you’re here, you can say you’re traveling in Croatia for a summer teen travel program. Kayla and I had a very simple Customs run so we hope it will be the same for all of you. It would be best to get through Customs quickly after you land and then relax afterward. For the group of 7 students traveling together, stick together through the Munch airport so you all can help and support each other!

We’re so excited to finally meet all of you, we have been LOVING Split so far. It’s going to be amazing!

One last reminder, please make sure everyone has WhatsApp downloaded with either mine or Kayla’s phone number ready to go.


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