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Day 7: Endless Summer!!

We woke up at the crack of dawn and scarfed down our breakfast before racing to the beach. It is necessary to make it on time as the tide does not wait for anybody, not even us Bold Earthers. Quinn and Henry almost knocked out the group photographer, Rachel, on numerous occasions with their longboards. At least we have the photos, plus everybody survived. Will and Jude peeled off from the group in search of larger waves, representing Bold Earth among the semi-professionals who frequent the notorious shores of Tamarindo. After surfing, the crew was allotted an hour of free time in the hustle and bustle town of Tamarindo. Edge led a charge in purchasing t-shirts for the group from a grassroots Costa Rican company. Meanwhile, Rose bought a lovely earring set and anklet from a local artisan.

Lunch consisted of American fare with Costa Rican flare: chicken fingers and French fries with a béarnaise sauce. Dash stole the show with his opinions on movies and films, especially that of Wes Anderson. On the way back to the beach, Stella grabbed her GoPro camera, which came in handy, as we hopped on boats to go deep sea snorkeling. Nathalie and Amelia spotted a turtle and manta ray with in ten minutes of getting in the water. As the gang tired of snorkeling, Grace and Ellie dove off the boat with perfect form. One of the snorkel guides found a massive oyster that was covered in miniature crabs. He used a butcher knife to extract the edible meat, which Maddie downed multiple pieces of: ¡Muy Delicioso! Unfortunately, no pearls were found.

Following our long day on the water, we got to call home to our beloved parents. Everyone had such amazing things to say about the trip, and we cannot wait for what is in store tomorrow!

P.S. We had dinner on a rooftop deck overlooking the extravagant night life taking place on the streets of Playa Flamingo, in case anybody is wondering.

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