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Day 5: Made It To The Beach!

Today we got up at 7:00 AM. We had to get our bags together and out to the van before 7:15. We proceeded to walk over to the restaurant to eat our breakfast. It consisted of gallo pinto, fluffy scrambled eggs, slices of toasted white bread, and fresh fruit. After eating was wrapped up, we got in the van and began our 8 hour drive to Flamingo, a beautiful, scenic beach town on the coast of Costa Rica.

The bus drive began with music, specifically a playlist on Rachel’s phone called “Tropical Instrumental House.” House is a type of music with bass and synth that is very fun to listen to. As the music was playing, we drove through the stunning hills and over the rivers of Costa Rica. At around 9:30, we all got off of the bus to board a sea ferry. Edge and Ellie both went off to the market to get toothbrushes, snacks, and some stylish hats. As soon as the snack shack opened, Amelia, Maddie, Jude, and Stella all ran to pay for the snacks. They each got a variety of drinks, chocolate, and other items.

At around 11:15, we disembarked our boat and climbed back into the bus. The music was our playlist we had created throughout the past two days. It consists of all genres of music. It really helped our drive go by faster. When the time reached 1:05 PM, we stopped at Raices. It had many options of Italian style food, and many tasty natural juices.

We refined our playlist and really created  “the vibe” music for the rest of our drive. We arrived to our new hotel and were assigned our rooms.

After quickly moving into our rooms, we headed straight to the beach. First, we completed our swim test in the form of a race, Nathalie proved to be extremely quick in the water. Thereafter, people broke off to partake in various activities. Rose led the charge in getting a circle of beach volleyball going. Meanwhile, Quinn, Henry, and Will were throwing the football and showing off their arm strength and receiving skills. Dash found a new hidden talent: doing front flips into the water on a wave break. Ellie and Grace were body surfing on these very same waves!

We finished off the day with a gourmet dinner and had our evening meeting by the pool. Will passed on the leader of the day duties to Dash, who will bravely lead us into the surf tomorrow. ¡Pura Vida!

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