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Day 2: Tour de Heredia!

Today, we woke up at 8:00 AM and went to eat breakfast at 8:30 AM. They served us toast, scrambled eggs, and assorted fruits consisting of banana, pineapple, and watermelon, topped with bits of granola. After breakfast we headed back to our rooms to get ready for the day, and then met back in the restaurant to go over the bold earth manual, talking about expectations for the trip, and what we are looking forward to doing in the following two weeks. (Rule Number one: absolutely no pranking other camps…)

Our day got lively when we arrived in the town of Heredia. The Trip Leaders announced our first leader of the day, Jude! From there, Stella was assigned to write the blog for today. By the time we exited the bus, we were all hungry for lunch so we went around the corner to enter the town square, the “back alleys” of Costa Rica one might say. It was down a couple of stairs and hidden under a big roof, filled with tico restaurants, fruit stands, and, butchers. We took a tour around the market checking out our options. When we got back to where we started, we ended up picking one of the first restaurants we saw. Javier, our local Costa Rican guide, explained that the type of seating had a popular nickname: cheek to cheek. Basically, this means that everyone is sitting really close. Everyone sat together and ordered foods that seemed the most comforting. Stella helped out Jude, Amelia, and Courtney with ordering their food when they decided because she is a strong Spanish speaker. Everyone agreed that the food was delicious. Cooper and Rose found something new that they loved. A guanoabana drink. Cooper described it as phenomenal. Once everyone got their things together, we exited to go to the cathedral for a scavenger hunt!

First, we did was take a picture with the official Town of Heredia sign. Javier introduced the rules and requirements of the scavenger hunt, making sure he incorporated rules for every possibility of what could happen. The teams were Jude, Edge, Quinn, Grace, Nathalie, and Dash against Stella, Henry, Maddy, Amelia, Rose, and Will. We ran all over the park, and the scavenger hunt had us running and engaging with locals, while also teaching us some stuff about Costa Rican history. We technically don’t really know who won, but we all agreed that we deserved ice cream thereafter. While enjoying our ice cream in the park, we met a creative man named Raul. He greeted our group by handing a rose to us, made of small palm leaves, they were thick so Raul was able to cut and shape parts of the leaf. He then proceeded to craft a custom grasshopper shape, that also spelled out Cooper’s name. He carved it with a blade and finished by coating with a fresh coat of spray paint. It was a very pleasant show, teaching us some of the cultural customs of Costa Rica.

We got back to the accommodation after that. Everyone found something to do outside, whether it was hanging out in the pool, by the pool, or some people tossed a football. The people in the pool eventually came to an agreement of playing rugby. Teams were: Edge, Jude, Nathalie, and Grace against Stella, Maddy, Amelia, and Henry. We got WAY too competitive and we had to ask Quinn to video record us to make sure the score was fair. He got some pretty good shots. There was a very competitive card game after we got bored of the pool. BS, and then Spoons, but we had to sub-in hair ties and bracelets for spoons.

We had to stop to get ready for dinner. It was a long, hungry wait. But before we left, Ellie had arrived at the airport so we all got a chance to meet her and introduce ourselves. Dinner was delicious, the most common pick was chicken with steamed veggies and French fries, the conversations going around the table were very lively. It seemed that everybody got in on the fun!

The ride back was much calmer, everyone was tired and full. We sat by the pool and had our evening meeting, talking about our heroes and highlights of the day, while also incorporating our names so that Ellie, who had arrived in the afternoon, could learn everyone’s name. Then Jude elected the team leader for the next day, Quinn. He got his Bold Earth hat and then went over the plan for tomorrow, with the help of Rachel. Then we headed to our rooms for some downtime before bed.

Can’t wait for the Whitewater Rafting tomorrow!

Pura Vida!

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