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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 1: Airport Day…

In our arrival, we faced the strong winds and rains of a strong storm blowing in from the Caribbean. This may have impacted the ease at which our fellow Bold Earthers traveled. It’s ok, for we thrive on adversity! As the storm parted, we arrived at an authentic restaurant of American-Mexican cuisine. Tacos and nachos were served up, and disappeared fast! Although, earlier in the day, Henry dined at a traditional family run Costa Rican restaurant called Walmart, which has apparently now made its way to America as well. He browsed the wide assortment of goods it had to offer, picking up essential snacks for the group. Edge and Nathalie, upon arriving, walked towards their first challenge of showing their vast range of Español vocabulary to get through customs. Rose arrived in the late afternoon as the storm subsided, joining the group in their journey across the unknown and breathtaking lands of the urban Costa Rican Central Valley.

In the evening, we settled down in an oasis of swaying palm trees, crystal clear pools constructed only from the finest architects, and plush rooms rivaling The Ritz Carlton. Inside these beautifully constructed small mansions lay 80 inch TVs, feather-down pillows lain with rich chocolates, and kitchens to cook the finest meals known to mankind. Perhaps the lesson for the day is the strength of imaginative positivity.

We await ten more members of our team as they are being challenged with the ins and outs of airport day, and we are so excited to finally unite tomorrow. There are so many exciting days planned out on the itinerary, and we cannot wait to get started. Stay tuned!


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