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Blog Day 9: Water is Wet – Sunday Funday

Our day started at 7:45; we changed and ate breakfast from the amazing buffet at our beautiful hotel. Afterwards, we went river-tubing down a gorgeous valley surrounded by nature as we passed through over 20 rapids of varying intensity. While we were river-tubing, we spotted plenty of beautiful wildlife and were surrounded by tropical scenery. Maddie saw the biggest, hairiest spider she’s ever seen. Simultaneously, Quinn ditched his tube for a refreshing swim along the way. On a more serious note, Will almost lost his beautiful red Louis Vuitton Crocs if it weren’t for his trusty friend Dash, who lived up to his name to quickly step in and heroically swam to save them! Once we got off the water, Rose and Natalie tamed their wild hair. Rachel ordered the crew into a circle to count everyone, which we do for every beginning and end of activity. It was then that we realised that we were missing one important member of our team- Cooper!!! We found out then that the river had been cruel to our trusty leader and had robbed him of his phone- as he was perched on a rock taking photos of our adventures.

We held hands in the circle to manifest good fortune for our leader Cooper lead by our experienced team of spiritual gurus Ellie, Stella, Amelia, Courtney and Rachel. The previous day they had managed to manifest both the green turtle and the angel ray that they had wanted ti see during the snorkelling.

When tubing ended, we went back to the hotel and ate lunch. Then we packed up our stuff, and headed out on a hike through the national park Rincón de la Vieja. Javier pointed out lots of animals including Lion Ants, Howler Monkeys, Toucans, and many different species of butterflies and caterpillars. He also took us by the hot mud pits warmed by the volcano which we learned get up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. When we got back, we changed quickly and headed off to swim in a natural pool fed by a waterfall. Grace dove straight into the crystal clear water. She was also the first to notice the black and white birds perched up on the cliff.

After swimming into the pool’s freezing depths, we took the bus back to the hotel and ate dinner. Henry stacked his plate high with about seven steaks, which he proceeded to demolish. Later on, we played a evening game that put Edge and Jude in the hot seat. The whole group had an awesome time filled with laughter. and headed to bed.

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