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Blog Day 12: Leap of Faith🙏

Today started with a wake up at 7:45. After a breakfast of eggs, Gallo Pinto, and toast, we boarded the bus to resume community service/volunteering. The service started with Henry putting the finishing touches on his sloth. Will and Dash started creating green grass from the bottom up, so the agouti was not floating in the atmosphere. Flowers began sprouting from the soil, thanks to the efforts of Amelia and Courtney.

Edge and Natalie decided on putting the Bold Earth logo onto the back of the building, and quickly got to work outlining the design. We then painted the pavement surrounding the dumpster green to finish off the project. As the paint dried, a stray dog approached us to say “hola” and leave a few paw prints in the wet paint.

We then went to lunch where many of us dined on delicious cheese quesadillas with a side of iced tea and ice cream. After lunch we went to a local grocery store to buy ingredients for the kids to cook burrito bowls for dinner. We then went to the amazing zip lining area. There was a total of 7 zip lines- 5 individual and 2 as doubles. The scenery was jaw dropping. The longest one was over 2,500 feet. Quinn conquered his fear of heights during this adrenaline seeking activity, not to mention letting out more than a few falsetto screams. Then we had a surprise of bungee jumping!! Everyone’s hearts dropped as they fell 60 feet through the air. Rose and Henry were completely unfazed, whereas our Trip Leaders along with Maddie were nearly brought to tears by the vertigo of the ledge. In the end, everyone said it was worth it! Afterwards, we went to another grocery store and bought snacks and drinks for dinner.

When we got back the cooking crew (Amelia, Courtney, Ellie, Will, Edge, Jude and Rose) started on the burrito bowls. As the crew cooked, they shuffled our group made playlist. Simultaneously, the clouds cleared providing a stunning sunset, Stella and Grace led the group out for a sprint to get to a scenic lookout point. Ellie and Jude held down the fort in the kitchen, not to mention preparing a spectacular guacamole. ¡Que Rico! To cap off an amazing day, we had our evening meeting around a campfire, where we roasted marshmallows and reminisced on the past day’s excitement.

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