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Blog Day 11: If One Can, Toucan

Today we woke up at around 7:30 AM and had breakfast provided by the hotel. Soon after, we left at around 8 am to go paint a dumpster for community service. Everyone painted a base coat of a white color then split into teams of 2 to paint designs of different animals. Ellie and Stella painted morpho butterflies. Courtney and Amelia painted monstera leaves. Dash and Will worked on the akuti. Rose and Natalie painted the toucan. Jude painted the 3 waddled bird. Henry and Quinn painted the sloth. Edge, Grace, and Maddy worked on landscaping with a machete.

After lunch we were given fifty minutes to explore a town in Monta Verde, and shop. Then we went to a soccer field near the town and split into 2 7 on 7 teams. Unfortunately, soccer quickly became rugby when Edge decided to pick up the ball and start running with it, but it was still lots of fun. More various types of soccer games were played, like 4 on 4 games and penalty kicks. Amelia scored a hat trick with her wingwoman Rose, and the crowd (Cooper and Rachel) went wild. The combination of soccer, rugby, and everything in between lasted about an hour and a half. Quinn even committed damage to the field’s sprinkler system. One last thing: Henry needs to play football, which was only offset by Dash’s ballerina like reflexes on the pitch. After this, we went back to the hotel to get changed into warm clothes for our cloud forest night hike.

After arriving at our night hike, the boys and girls split up and met their guides. The boys met Danielle and the girls met Fernando. We plunged into the forest and saw a stunning sunset. As the sky dimmed, everyone saw a green viper. It was in the hunting position. We also saw various toucans and the beautiful, iridescent motmot, with the help of telescopes that our guides brought with them. As the night got darker, our hike concluded at 7:30 PM. From there, we took a short bus ride to dinner. Meals such as chicken quesadillas, chicken spaghetti, and casados. Our evening concluded with our nightly meeting of minds, where we reflected on the amazing feats we accomplished together as a group today.

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