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Blog Day 10: (Don’t) Go Chasing Waterfalls!

We enjoyed a cool, breezy morning during our last hours in Rincón de la Vieja. After we chowed down on our Costa Rican breakfast, we began our hour long trek to a hidden waterfall. On the way, Will and Quinn educated the crew on this upcoming year’s NFL season; everyone is so excited. Once we arrived to the waterfall, Stella led everyone to a small ledge which we were able to jump off of. Dash performed multiple belly flops, impressing all of us so much. Meanwhile, Henry did push-ups on a set of two boulders, which captivated the waterfall goers from dozens of countries across the globe. Courtney and Ellie, after some time had passed waded into a canyon. Yet again, they saw another gigantic spider. So scary! After everyone had thoroughly enjoyed their time swimming, Jude led the group as we hiked back to our hotel. Grace insisted that we were going the wrong way, but it turns out that she, in fact, was mistaken. We made it there in due time, hastily packed our bags, and hit the road.

After an hour of driving, we pulled into a special Subway. Edge ordered up a Footlong®, which he proceeded to demolish in five bites. This strip mall was special because it is ridden with dozens of Scarlett Macaws. Admiring their beauty, Rose could not help but stare high into the trees for twenty minutes. We got back on the road and shipped it all the way to Monteverde. Interestingly enough, Amelia had one shoe on and one sock on as a bag of Cheetos fell on her. The bus erupted in laughter.

We made it to our lovely hotel. There, we began making dinner. Nathalie and Maddie began slicing up broccoli and peppers to accompany our pasta dish. Ice cream came out at the end of the evening and we all wished each other a good night! Stay tuned for more!!

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