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Day 6: Surf’s Up

We started off the day with a wake up call from Dash and Edge banging on the doors and making a lot of noise, startling everyone awake. They operated under the guise of “housekeeping”. We went to a bountiful breakfast buffet at the hotel as we got ready for our first day of surfing! Will thoroughly enjoyed listening to the upbeat song “iSpy” on the bus ride to the beach; this came up later in the day during evening meeting. Once we arrived to surfing, we received a brief dry land lesson before hopping into the ocean. Henry found out that he rides “goofy”, which means that he rides with his right foot forward. Our surf instructors were fantastic, making sure everybody was able to stand up on a wave. Jude and Courtney were naturals and paved the way for everybody. Often times, surfing can be more rewarding for those who need to put a bit more time into finding their groove, Stella and Amelia proved that this is true.

After surfing, we headed to lunch. They served a very unique juice called Tamarind juice, Quinn had the quiet the taste for it. From there, we visited a flagship Sun Bum store where Grace and Ellie purchased some one of a kind, sea-salt hairspray. Then, we drove back to the hotel and lounged at the pool. Maddie won a tournament of short, but high velocity swim races. Everyone was so impressed.

Our busy day raged on because we went straight to the beach from there. Henry helped carry wood and make a bonfire with our guide Javier. Meanwhile, Nathalie got a group game of beach soccer started. Once the fire was of a decent size, the group sat down and reflected on the highs of our amazing day. Rose even pointed out the Archer constellation in the dark, evening sky. We finished off the day with a late dinner teeming with burritos and quesadillas. We have an early morning tomorrow so we can catch some epic waves! Signing off!

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