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Volcanos, Monkey, Gelato oh my!

We started our eventful day at 6:45. We ate the breakfast buffet and headed for the Rincón de la Vieja National Park. While we were there, we saw volcanic veins as well as a concert of toucans and a couple white throated capuchins. After that, we hiked 1.5 km to a waterfall. Addie, Emmy, Sammy, and Lexi jumped off the rocks in their clothes while everyone else stayed dry and watched from above. On the way back to the hotel, Arden, Addie, Emmy and Raina played ABC acappella with Taylor Swift songs on the bus. After, we showered and packed, we headed for our next location on the beach. On the way, we stopped for lunch at a delicious food truck. We also stopped for ice cream and souvenirs. All of the girls got matching shirts while Grayson bought presents for his family. Once we arrived at the hotel, Hana found a secret door connecting to the rooms. After doing laundry, we all headed to the beach and enjoyed floating in the very salty water. Anna, Grace, Arden, and Addie did cheer stunts in the water. We took more showers and went to dinner. Then after our meal of authentic Costa Rican food, we went to an Italian bakery to get gelato. To end our night, we made friendship bracelets, watch Spider-Man in español and dreamed about Walmart during evening meeting. Well wishes from Wally world! (fingers crossed we get to go :))

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