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The water is too wet today

Yesterday morning we had our last surf lesson. Then, we left Tamarindo and headed towards the central valley, blasting Hamilton in the van along the way. We were finally able to go walmart, so it was a great day but we didn’t find any vacuum cleaners which sucked. We ended with a delicious pizza dinner! Today we got up bright and early and headed for rafting. After a long drive we arrived for a classic costa rican breakfast. After breakfast, we headed for another long drive to get to the rafting start and saw a sloth along the way! We were taught about rafting safety and started rafting through class 1,2 and 3 rapids. While we were rafting, Addie was quick to ask if there was any rocks to jump off if. The guide led us to a large rock that we jumped off and then floated down the rapids back to our raft. After lots of rapids and paddling, we finally made it to camp. We moved into our tents and then Raina, Sammy and Emmy had a heated discussion about the difference between Amish and Mormon people. We had tacos for lunch and then hung out in the hammocks and played cards. Sammy, Arden, Emmy and Lexi went back to the river to play un the rapids while everyone else took a nap. While they were swimming, the girls met some of the local indigenous people who were crossing the river in a gondala. Grace, Anna, Hana, Raina and Addie cheated their way through a game if solitaire with Grace singing about her love for coffee in the background. The Grace grossed everyone out by sharing her darkest secret, that she throws her contacts in the floor instead if in the trash. Our guides then cooked us an amazing dinner, and we played some fishbowl and mafia. We are excited to sleep in our tents along the river! Sweet dreams out there, don’t let the geckos bite!
-written one sentence at a time by everyone 🙂

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