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The Five Essentials

Note: If this blog is a little silly and goofy it’s because we are writing it with a voice note from the pool! We are writing it one sentence at a time so it might not make the most sense! 🙂

Today we woke up bright and early for a fun morning of surfing. We had continental and Costa Rican breakfast. While we were surfing, many interesting things happened; in short, Sammy is a puppy. While surfing, Emmy caught her first wave of the year and she was very proud of herself. Hana, Raina, Sammy, Lexi and Grace also caught some sick waves!

We then walked around town and got some delicious acai bowls. While we were waiting for our acai, we met a Spanish kid named Felipe. Then we went shopping and had lunch where many of the orders were messed up but in the end we all got our food. The bench was very far away from the table! Sammy and Reina dressed up like characters from One Direction. We thought that Sammy looked like Neil and Raina looked like Zayn. Inspired by this, on the way to snorkeling we listened to One Direction.

We then went on a boat which took us to our destination for snorkeling. We saw a huge sea turtle and got to hold some sea urchins! We swam to the nearest beach and saw hermit crabs and an iguana. We got to play in the water, and Raina splashed through a massive wave. Arden cut her own finger with her sharp toenails, oops! During the sunset swim, Sammy dropped Javi’s sunglasses into the ocean. Javi no longer has his eyewear but he has the five essentials! In case you’re wondering, the five essentials consist of a rain jacket, bug spray, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a smiling face! And the raincoat must be worn all the time.

After sunset swimming, we walked in the street listening to “Just Wanna Rock.” When we walked into the restaurant, we were delighted to see that there was a pool right by our table. While we were waiting for our food we took a dip in the pool, and then we met some Austrailian tourists, and Javi was named “our dad.”

After dinner, we went shopping in the little markets and got ice cream. When we returned to the hotel, we had our evening meeting in the pool and then hung out in the pool for a while afterward.

Love you all dearly and miss you! -Emmy, Sammy, Grace, Ardie Party Tinkie Winkie, Raina, Lexi and Hana

P.S. We swam in six different bodies of water, and three members of our team are sick and dearly missed!
P.P.S. Dear Liz and Shauna and possibly Gemma, I don’t know if you’re reading this but I wrote a lot of this blog and I’m having a blast -Emmy

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