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Mud bath and hot splash

We began our day sleeping in until 7:45. After waking up, we ate breakfast at the hotel and got on our bus to begin our 4-hour ride to the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. We stopped 1 hour in to look at the beautiful scarlet macaws and to take a bathroom break. The weather was much warmer and dryer than the rainy Cloud Forest. We stopped for lunch an hour later at a food truck; the restaurant received a 9.5 out of 10 from everyone. Once we got back on the bus, we all contributed to a playlist that we listened to the rest of the trip. We arrived at the resort and went straight to the hot springs and mud baths. Emmy especially loved covering herself in the mud. We washed the mud off in the river and tried out all of the different hot springs. We got checked into the resort and were welcomed with pineapple and basil drinks. Afterwards, we went to the pool. Addie and Anna led everyone in the game of categories. Lexi, Sammy, Grace and Anna did stunts in the water. Then we showered, played games and told riddles. Raina and Anna were especially good at the riddles, while Arden, Sammy and Lexi took a second to catch on. Finally, we went to a buffet for dinner. Grayson enjoyed it so much that he went back for seconds. After dinner, we played old maid; Hana and Raina lost. Lastly, we finished the night with evening meeting and went to bed. ¡Viva la vida! – Addie, Arden and Sammy


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