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Frijoles Galore!

Day 3!

Today we woke up early and got packed up to move to our next location. After a scrumptious breakfast of eggs, toast, fruit, and sausages, we started our drive to the cloud forest— Monteverde! We had a bunch of stops along the way to see crocodiles, howler monkeys, teak trees, and snacks. Javi did a really cool trick with the teak leaves where he would rub and crush them until red dye emerged. When Javi asked what the name of the tree could be, we had a lot of funny guesses including “bloody tree” from Grayson, “red wood tree” from our Leader of the Day Addie, and “blood stain tree” from Anna. It was actually a teak tree! We also saw a volcanic vein at one of our roadside stops, which is hot spring water in a stream coming up from underground. Samy, Addie, Grayson, and Emmy were brave enough to touch the water!

Before our afternoon tour, we had a really yummy Costa Rican lunch. We had chicken and potato stew, homemade cheese, fried yucca, vegetable salad, rice, and homemade creole lemonade. After lunch, we got to try local coffee that we melted chocolate in.

After lunch during our tour, we learned a lot about how sugar, coffee, and chocolate is made. The tour was especially fun because we could taste test a lot of different things including coffee beans, cacao beans, chocolate, sugar cane, sugar candy, and bananas. Arden and Grace bravely tried the cocoa beans and Raina actually found them quite tasty! When we got to try the chocolate, Lexi’s favorite was the white chocolate.

We saw many cool animals like toucans and even a sleeping sloth. On the way back to our now lodging, Hana and Anna and the rest of cook crew went shopping for supplies for our dinner, Mac n Cheese, fresh fruit, salad, and broccoli. We then got to our new home to see there were bunk beds, hammocks, a ping pong table, and even complimentary snacks!

With full bellies, we finished our day with our evening meeting. Even though we spent a lot of the day driving to the mountains and jungle, we made the most of it by listening to a lot of music, singing along, and taking a lot of stops to see cool things!

Party Hardy!

Grayson, Emmy, and Sammy

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