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Day seven – Splash and Crash!

Today we started the day off late at 8:00 a.m. Then we all headed to breakfast, which was a buffet where Emmy and Lexi really enjoyed the pineapple salad. After breakfast, we left the hotel to go inner tubing. Grace, our leader of the day, called it “Whitewater tubing” because the rapids were so strong. Everyone enjoyed the steep rapids and Anna was brave enough to start the group off. After the rapids, we ran back to the van and went to the hotel for a buffet lunch. After lunch, we hopped back into the van, which Addie had lovingly named Millie, and went to the waterfall. After taking multiple suspension bridges and staircases, we were amazed at how beautiful the waterfall was. Javier taught us that the waterfall was named Oro pendula after a bird. After dunking in the water, Sammy, Lexi, Arden, Hana, Raina, Anna, Addie, and Emmy were brave enough to jump off the rocks into the waterfall. When we were done jumping, we returned to the hotel for pool and downtime. Grace, Addie, Arden, Sammy, Emmy, and Reina all enjoyed fresh fruit smoothies. After we all showered and got ready for dinner, we were surprised with a special treat, our phones! Even though a lot of us were crying, we were happy to be able to talk to our friends and families. After we reluctantly gave our phones back we went to dinner where almost everybody ate their feelings and went back for seconds. We miss everybody so much but we’re having the time of our life’s! Viva Costa Rica!
-Grayson, Emmy, Lexi, Grace

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