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Day 9: Surfing and Shells!

Today we started the day late at 7:45. Most of the group enjoyed a continental breakfast of fruit, eggs and toast. Sammy, Addy, Hana and Emmy tried a traditional Costa Rican breakfast of rice, bean, corn, tortillas and eggs. After breakfast we got ready and went to Tamarindo for a morning full of surfing. Once we met our three lovely instructors and practiced a bit on land, we headed out to the ocean. Arden, Grayson, Sammy and Anna were born naturals! After a long morning of surfing, we were super hungry and headed out to lunch on our way to lunch. We got stuck in a bunch of traffic as we were leaving the beach, the source was a big pack of cows! We enjoyed a delicious lunch, and then we made our way to the grocery store to buy snacks. After we stocked up on snacks, we took a walk down to the black sand beach and the seashell beach. We swam for hours in the crystal clear water! Sammy, Emmy, Raina, Lexi and Arden met some other kids from a different tour and made some friends. After we were all nice and salty, we headed back to the van to make our way to the hotel before the sunset swim. We swim in the pool, and Grace won the underwater breath holding competition. The sunset swim was so pretty and everyone loved swimming in the water. After that, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and then ended our day with our nightly meeting and fell asleep early. Kisses from Costa Rica. See everyone soon!

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