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Goodbye Beach!

Hey everybody! The crew had another early morning so that we could enjoy optimal conditions on our final surf day. Everybody absolutely shredded. After surfing, Brianna went shopping, buying herself a local Costa Rican t-shirt, as well as helping Trip Leader Rachel choose a new swimsuit. Cole spotted a local brunch spot called “The Joint”. The burgers are “world famous”, and they delivered on the deliciousness! Then, we hopped on the magic school bus to make the long trip back to Heredia! Anna was back on DJ, queueing up the new Taylor Swift album. We arrived at the hotel to debrief the day, eat a meal, and prepare for our big rafting trip tomorrow. There will be a brief sabbatical from the blog as we will not have service on the river. We will be back in a couple of days with loads of exciting news!

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