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Day 7: River Galore!

Blog Day 7: Waterfall Galore!

We woke up this morning to a scrumptious breakfast buffet with both American and Costa Rican options. Sammy and Hannah felt it was important to serenade the group with a rendition of Hamilton the musical, and the hotel staff enjoyed the show as well. Immediately afterwards, we hopped on the magic school bus that transported us to our river tubing adventures. This section of the river was not for the faint of heart: Olivia and Alana demonstrated their bravery as they found themselves outside of their inner- tube more than once. From there, we hustled to the lunch buffet where Cole Johnson ducked and weaved through dozens of resort-goers to achieve his rice and beans. From there, we visited a shop that had unique, decorative masks that caught the eye of Alex, providing inspiration for a future art project she hopes to complete. Further, an image of Trip Leader Rachel toppling over in her tube flashed on one of the flat screens providing a hearty laugh for all. Then, we hopped on the bus to go on another adventure. We went to a hidden waterfall, only accessible by a suspension bridge. Brianna and McKenna led the charge into the water, jumping in. Daredevils Brooks and Cole Kennedy dove off a short ledge in a safe manner. On our walk out, Anna spotted white chested monkeys in the trees, even our guide Javier was impressed. We returned to our hotel and lounged at the pool for a couple hours. At dinner, Lucas elected for the Churrasco de Rez (filet) for his meal. We finished off the night with a competitive game of hide-and-go-seek: Brianna proved victorious.

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