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Day 6: Hot Springs!

We finally slept in this morning! Wake ups were at 8:00 am, however Olivia and Alex woke up at 7:30 am to go on a jog. The hilly roads of Monteverde could challenge even the most seasoned of runners. We came together as a group for an 8:30 am breakfast that consisted of homemade pancakes and fresh fruit. Then, we immediately hit the road to make our long trip to Rincon de la Vieja. This trip was not fraught with boredom, on the way we stopped at a Burger King to use the bathroom. But not only this, for our expert guide Javier knew that this area is famous among tourists for its Red-and-Green Macaws and howler monkeys. Cole Kennedy showed off some of his knowledge about this bird species, relating to their mating call.

Brooks, our leader of the day, and Lucas killed it with the tunes all the way to our lunch, which many said was the best of the trip so far. We ordered salads, nachos, and burgers. Afterwards, Cole Johnson taught some local Costa Ricans in the park across the street how to throw a football. The last stint of our drive brought us to El Rio Colorado, where we hiked to a natural hot spring created by a volcanic vein. Today was a great day for bonding, Brianna and Anna connected in one of the pools. After we soaked in the hot water, we all applied the natural clay mask to our bodies. We washed off in the cool river before heading back to our favorite bus.

Upon arriving at our accommodation Rinconcito, Hannah and Sammy were thrilled at the sheer luxury of the bedrooms. McKenna and Alana went for a dip in the pool before dinner. Many campers were thrilled to see pasta on the menu! We finished off the day with an exhilarating game of mafia, a summer camp classic. Can’t wait to go river tubing tomorrow!

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