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Day 4: Volunteer and Night Hike

After a much needed slumber, we began our morning with some French toast and coffee. The girls gathered with Cooper, setting off to play an awesome few rounds of hacky sack. Lucas had cultivated some special skills with the h-sack from last summer. Hannah showed off her skills by kicking the ball down the hill around 7 times! Afterwards, we all jumped back into our favorite bus and headed up to a small school in the mountains: the school of the clouds. We were greeted at the school by the twenty total students and two teachers. We went straight to work, painting the class rooms a new shade of blue. Thank goodness for 6’2” Cole Kennedy who was able to paint the top of every wall that no one else could reach. After a couple hours of painting, everyone joined up (including the 10 children who came to help us paint) and played soccer. Alana manned the goal, while Brooks attempted to score a goal. Also, Brianna and Cole Johnson sparred an athletic rivalry that could last for generations on the pitch. After a long game, we were sweaty and hungry. We all drove down to lunch, and when we arrived we had food waiting for us. Sammy and Alex Patton engulfed their burritos and quesadillas, while Anna waited patiently for fresh guacamole. Then, we walked around the local markets and shops, perusing the handmade bracelets and hats. Alejandro went on a shopping spree for his girlfriend, and with the help of McKenna picked out the best things in the store. We had a couple hours of siesta before embarking on our night hike through the cloud forest, where we saw a tarantula, an owl, many frogs, scorpions, and a glow in the dark fungi. Alana and Olivia were particularly fascinated by the various critters. From the hike, we drove to our favorite strip mall in Monteverde and dined at a fancy restaurant, only the best for us Bold Earthers!

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