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Day 3: Cloud Forest!

Our awesome day 3 began with an early wake up call at 6:30 am! After a quick cold shower, we were off to breakfast! Olivia ate her favorite meal: Nutella and toast. Afterwards, we went off to play our favorite game: river and bank. Brianna won the game for the second day in a row, a master of focus and attention. We hopped on the bus for a four hour drive full of music and friendship bracelets. Luckily for us, Sammy and Anna are excellent teachers. Soon the whole bus was making bracelets. We had a quick pit stop at a river filled with crocodiles and “Jesus Christ Lizards”: they can run from the crocodiles by running on the water with their webbed feet. Alejandro found a small cart serving up hot and delicious skewers straight off the barbecue.

Next, we jumped back into the bus and headed to the mountains. One last stop was made at a hot spring filled with steaming spring water from a volcano! Alex bravely put her hand into the water to test this for the group. Then, we stopped off at a chocolate, coffee, and sugar cane plantation called La Trapeche. Here Hannah tried picadillo de chayote for the first time, a traditional dish of melon, corn, and spices. ¡Fue muy Rico! We headed off to the coffee station where Mackenna, Lucas, and Sameera enjoyed trying the various coffee beans as they move along the roasting process. After our fun and festive tour, Cole and Brooks decided to purchase some nice bucket hats. These hats were embroidered with a Costa Rican map. Lastly, we drove over to the store to purchase ingredients for a lovely dinner! At the store, Cole Johnson did buy himself an entire pack of personal Oreos, you go kid! To end the road trip, Alana had the genius idea of getting the girls matching bracelets. All is well in the rainy mountains of the Costa Rican cloud forest.

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