Bold Earth Adventure

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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 1 + 2:

Starting at 1 pm, the Patton sisters arrived at the B&B. They went to the supermarket with Rachel to gather supplies for the rest of the group. Alejandro met up with them a couple hours later, excited for the trip to come. Next, Brianna arrived, shortly followed by Alana and Mackenna. Next, Hannah, Sammy, and Cole were greeted by the group. At this point, everybody went back to the B&B to enjoy some pizza before heading off to bed for the night.

Today our group was finally made whole with the arrival of Brooks and Cole. We started off our morning with a couple group games: Lasers, a name game, and HUCKLE BUCKLE which tested our wits and balance! Then, we ate a delicious Costa Rican breakfast with pineapple, gallo pinto, among other American staples.

Afterwards, we gathered up to rally for the day. Everyone packed the daily necessities in their backpack and we went on our way to explore the town of Heredia, with several historical buildings, a park, and a church. Afterwards, we ate lunch: a traditional Costa Rican dish of Casado (rice, beans, plantains, and chicken). Later in our day we split up into groups to purchase ingredients in a local market for dinner. As the evening approached, we played basketball, swapped stories and Alana taught Brianna some new patterns as we made bracelets, and listened to music. Lastly, our lovely cook crew of Olivia, Alex, Alejandro, and Anna made us some chicken quesadillas with a side of guacamole.

We finished off the night with an evening meeting, where we told stories about our role models. Hopefully we can reach the goals we set for ourselves! We are so excited for our upcoming visit to Monteverde and the cloud forest after the briefing from our local expert Javier. Stay tuned, more to come!

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