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Blog Day 8: Travel to Tamarindo🏖

We woke up at the crack of dawn because we had a big day ahead of us. After taking down the breakfast of champions (rice + beans), we went to Parque Nacionale Rincon De La Vieja: a volcano! Mckenna got off to a strong start as leader of the day, trailblazing as we made our way through the park. Since we arrived early, we were able to spot plenty of wildlife, including the Turquoise Eyelash Motmot. Brooks showcased the “sleeper” mimosa for the group, which closes upon being touched or flicked. While hiking out, Trip Leader Rachel educated Lucas and Anna about the ins and outs GAA Hurling in Ireland, similar to field hockey. ¡Que interesante! Then, we enjoyed a lunch of burgers, nachos, and salads: everybody was satisfied. Then, we made a final push to Flamingo, our home for the next three days.

Immediately upon arrival, we went to the beach and jumped in the incredibly warm water. It was a black sand beach too! In the ocean, Lucas and Hannah showed off their water treading ability. Cole Johnson showed off his football skills on the beach as well. After a hot afternoon on la playa, the crew migrated to the pool. Cole Kennedy reached into palm trees and grabbed several unripe coconuts, passing them off to Olivia to crack them open. After rinsing off, the girls worked in a quick round of hacky-sack in before heading to an upscale restaurant for dinner, courtesy of Alex. After dinner, we hopped in the school bus of dreams. Sammy, Brianna, and Alana belted out the lyrics to “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood for the whole group. Finally, we walked the lovely marina of Flamingo, clad with many shops and cafes. Anna bought some souvenirs for friends and family on the boardwalk. Lastly, we capped off the amazing day with an evening meeting on the beach. Can’t wait to go surfing tomorrow!

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