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Day 8: Springing Into Day 8!

Today the group was awakened by a loud wake up call thanks to Rose, the leader of the day. The group enjoyed their last breakfast at Casa Del Toro, and set off for the surf shop to hit the waves one last time.

Since it was the last day of Surf lessons, the instructors began teaching us how to turn the boards, though only a few really succeeded in this. Hilariously, surfers such as Will and Amelia, who were able to carve turns on the waves, knocked into each other a couple of times as they fought for their piece of the crowded wave. Ellie and Jude went a different route, having a lot of fun together while doing flips off their boards into the ocean. Nathalie had many interesting conversation with her surf instructor about marine life.

After catching the last waves, Quinn made a special phone call home to wish his sister a happy birthday, while the rest of the group changed and made their way over to the bus. It was a sad farewell to the beautiful seaside town of Tamarindo; it has been such a blast. After thanking the wonderful surf instructors for their time, skills and endless patience the group boarded the bus and got on the road for a journey filled with chill tropical house beats- Rachel’s favourite!

The group stopped midway for lunch and browsed the souvenir shop connected to the restaurant. Grace and Maddie bought Costa Rica sweatshirts and tried on funny hats, making the group laugh. Dash bought a small bottle of pineapple soda, which he sipped on during the bus ride.

Soon we arrived at our next destination: the hot springs. Courtney and Stella were the first ones to apply the volcanic clay, rubbing it everywhere on themselves. Henry had been diligent with his sun cream application throughout the day, causing a harmless chemical reaction with the clay to give his skin an orange glow. Not for long, everybody jumped in the river washing off the mud, looking forward to hopping in some of the natural hot tubs. Edge tested out the hottest water they had available at 110 degrees Fahrenheit, proving his toughness and heat resistance once again. We remained in the hot baths until the daylight faded into evening.

The magic school bus swooped us up and brought us to dinner. Many hearty laughs were shared throughout the meal, dessert, and evening meeting. ¡Hasta luego!

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