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Colorado Bold – Day 9!

Hello parents!

Today was extremely eventful. Our morning started with our guides making us a delicious breakfast of pancakes, yogurt, bacon, and hot chocolate. After packing up camp we got a safety talk from our guide Mike about how to best raft the rapids we were about to enter – we talked about the whitewater swimmers position, how to re-enter the boat if you fall out, and the best way to paddle as a team. We got to watch Mitchell cruise through some rapids in the inflatable canoe solo, he did a great job! While rafting we hit a rapid called Surprise and myself, Finley, Fallon, Gabe, Rikki, and Gunnar all took a short swim. We worked together as a team really well, kept cool calm and collected, pulled each other back in, had a good laugh about losing some paddles, and continued paddling on. The whole experience was a little shocking at first, but we all practiced good raft safety and had a lot of fun. Shortly after we finished going through the rest of the rapids we pulled over for lunch, the guides made us southwest salad wraps and we saw some lizards and Bald Eagles! While munching on some watermelon for an appetizer myself, Gunnar, and Fallon had a nice tanning session on the rocks. We floated to the take-out, took some much needed showers, did our final grocery shop, and headed to our campsite in Arches National Park. Finley, Nola, and Gabe made chicken Alfredo and we enjoyed our family meeting under the stars with the red rocks all around us. We’ve got an early wake up tomorrow so that we can hike to delicate arch, so goodnight!

Best, Alana!

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