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Colorado BOLD Day 8

Hi mommy and daddy! It’s Finley 🙂

Today for breakfast we munched on some goodies that the raft guides provided- it consisted of English muffins, potatoes, yogurt, eggs, and ham. Soon after that we picked up camp and we saw a little scorpion and Rikki saw one very up close and personal. We then set sail, which was paddled by Gunnar, Gabe, Alana, Fallon, Rikki, Nola, Max and Sally. Mitchell soloed the ducky down some rapids. We went to McDonalds canyon before hopping the border into Utah. After that, we drifted for a few hours and during this time we played King of the Raft. We then set up camp and had dinner- it consisted of Mac and Cheese and Chicken. We had evening meeting on a cliff overlooking the river and then played foot wrestling with the raft guides before looking at the beautiful stars.

Xoxo, Finley

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