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Dear parents, it’s Fallon!

Today cook crew woke up at 6:45 and everyone else woke up at 7. Alana and Finley made a very good breakfast that consisted of chocolate chip waffles and some fruit. We left at 8:40am to get to our rafting trip at 9. As soon as we got to the rafting trip, Max and Sally gave us directions and soon we were on the raft. Mitchell and Nola rode on the small raft (ducky) first and then after that Max and Gunnar rode in it next. I was in the raft with Sally, Finley, Gabe, Rikki, Gunnar, and Alana at first. Later on the guides stopped us at this beautiful place to eat, we ate turkey and roast beef sandwiches. The only thing that wasn’t so great was the amount of bees there were. After that we rafted a few more hours and all jumped into the water. Eventually we stopped for the last time to set up camp. We all chilled for multiple hours in the blistering heat. Tonight we are going to have tacos that the guides made for us. We all plan on watching the stars later!


Your leader of the day, Fallon

PS (we didn’t have service on the raft trip so this is being updated late!)

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