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Colorado Bold – Day 6! (Service Day)

Dear parents, friends, and family,

Today was very eventful! We woke up at 5:30AM and had a delicious breakfast made by Gunnar, Fallon, and Nola. Banana pancakes, sausages, and an entire fruit spread were prepared even though we were a bit groggy from the early wake up. We drove to Moab, Utah for the day to help the Moab Youth Garden Project with some tasks around the farm: we picked weeds, gathered fruit, planted seeds, and chased around some friendly chickens. Mitchell and Rikki made lots of new friends from the youth camp that was also there – we all played Gaga Ball with them and pulled them around in carts. We all loved being around some new faces and helping out the local community. We made our way to the boujee laundromat where we finally washed our clothes and took some time to enjoy the A/C. We got some ice cream in Moab, although Finley preferred to get a mountain of shaved ice, and headed back to camp. Before dinner, the group took some time to swim in the lake and cool off, Alana sunbathed the entire time while we tossed a frisbee around and had handstand competitions. We ended the night with a lovely dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes, and an evening (family) meeting with the sunset in the background.

The End – Gabe

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