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Colorado BOLD- Day 5- Travel Day!

Today is the 20th of July and it is Gunnar’s Mom’s Birthday, a woman who deserves the world and much more. We awakened around 6:50AM (Colorado time) and ate French toast (cooked by Gabe, Mitchell and Rikki) which was delicious. Then everything was packed in the van and trailer to embark on our 6 hour drive to Highline state park, with great tunes. We ate lunch about halfway through the drive at a beautiful lake with sailboats. Nola took a nap, and Fallon, Finley and Alana tried to sleep too. The temperature got up to 100 degrees fahrenheit— almost as hot as Ryan Reynolds. We got to Highline State park around 4:30pm (Colorado time), got unpacked, had some long awaited showers, and ate Philly cheesesteaks (with veggie meat!) it was delicious.

Tomorrow we will head to Moab to do service at the Youth Garden, and later we will do laundry and phone calls home! Can’t wait to talk,


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