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Colorado Bold – Day 4!

Hey parents and others it’s Nola,

Today everyone woke up a bit earlier than usual at 7am to go on the via Ferrata hike, (The Iron Way) Finley and Alana prepared a fast and delicious breakfast of bagels, yogurt, and granola. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time on the hike/climb, here are some quotes from the group:

“The view was pretty cool.” – Gabe

“Hanging off the cliff was awesome and really challenged my fear of heights.” – Finley

“Every time you stopped to look behind you the view got prettier and prettier.” – Fallen

“What does via Ferrata even mean?” – Mitchell

While the group scaled the mountain with Sally, myself and Max remained at a lower altitude, jammed out to some great tunes, and practiced our knot tying skills. I taught Max a bowline and he taught me a double-fisherman’s. We valiantly drove back to camp and returned with the U-Haul to prepare for our first food shop! Once we all got back together we headed to Safeway and shopped for the meals we planned yesterday – we definitely have got a good variety of meals for the next few days. While waiting in line for our personal shopping items we saw our climbing guide Matt and the volunteer Park Ranger Ron (he swore us all in as junior rangers!) To end the day off we had personal pizzas and a great evening meeting, getting prepared for our road trip tomorrow!

– Nola

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