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Colorado Bold- Day 3!


Dear friends and family,

Today is our third day at Rocky Mountain National park and we went on another hike! We saw 4 moose: 2 mothers and 2 babies, We averaged 1.4 miles per hour. Me (Rikki), Gabe, and Mitchell were all on van crew today. We checked the oil and made sure the blinkers blinked. After our hike, we went to the Moraine Park Discovery Center where we became Junior Park Rangers. During our hike, Fallon led us. She also entertained us with conversation ideas. Finley and I had a great conversation on our speed friending part of the hike. Alana and I also had a great conversation on the hike. Xander, Mitchell, Gabe and Gunner all took a photo with the Bold Earth flag and the moose in the background. We all have been feeling the elevation change. Nola did not feel so well this morning so she and Sally stayed back at camp and enjoyed listening to music and catching up on some reading, but later they picked us up and she did become a junior ranger with us!



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