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Colorado Bold – Day 12

Today was a little bittersweet as it was our last full day of activities. For breakfast, Finley, Gabe, and I set up some Reese’s Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Honey Nut Cheerios with almond milk and raspberries. Since we had some time before the rafting trip, Rikki and Alana vibed out in the tent and napped, while others hung out in the van and chatted for a bit. Our guides Allen and Mark got us suited up and gave us a safety talk, and we were off. We split up into groups of 5 and paddled through some rowdy rapids for the first part of the trip. We stopped for lunch, and Gunnar and Fallon led the group up to a hidden waterfall. After continuing on and going through a few more big rapids it started raining and was super peaceful on the water. Everyone got a bit chilly but we warmed up by paddling to the finish line, we jammed out to some great music on the van ride back to camp. We took some more time to chill while it rained a bit at camp, I painted Mitchell’s nails and everyone else hung out. Cook crew made chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes and we discussed our plans for derig and cleanup tomorrow at family meeting!

Best, Nola

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