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Bold Earth Adventures


Day eleven of Bold Earth, 26 of July. We got a sleep in day for the first time in what felt like forever (7am) but then eventually had to wake up and created a yummy meal of breakfast burritos through magic and Rikki. Then, while suiting up for rock climbing we saw a handsome guy named Pete who was our guide and with us for most of the day. Gunnar, Gabe, Max, Sally, Rikki, Fallon, Finley, Mitchell, Nola and Alana all tried their part in some rock climbing. We enjoyed some great views and challenging routes, with several of us making it to the top of the ropes! We ate lunch of sandwiches under some tall trees and even got a few drops of rain which was refreshing. After several hours at the top of the mountain, we descended down to the town of Buena Vista to explore. We got ice cream and lemonade and had a chance to explore the small but beautiful town. For dinner we had orange chicken and fried rice. Later we played corn hole and made an amazing comeback from 5-20 to 21-20. It was absolutely insane.

Love, Gunnar

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