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Colorado Bold – Day 10

Dear parents,

We woke up at 4:45AM so that we could beat the heat and get to Delicate Arch before the crowds set in – the stars were still shining bright by the time we got up and began to make breakfast. Mitchell, Alana, and Fallon helped make an awesome scramble with Spam and yogurt parfaits. We hiked silently through the red rocks in order to slow down and appreciate our surroundings more, I think everyone enjoyed the quiet and peaceful hike. We took some funny pictures at the arch, and couldn’t handle the silence anymore so we talked all the way back. Myself, Gabe, Fallon, and Finley took a bit of a faster pace while Alana, Nola, Mitchell, and Rikki soaked in their surroundings a bit more and followed shortly after. We took a pit stop at Arches Visitor Center for snacks, and then began our 6 hour drive back to Colorado. We stopped a few times, had a great lunch at a park while Sally changed the oil in the Silver Tuna, and eventually made it to Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center. We enjoyed some cooler temperatures, some beautiful clouds, and overall just appreciated not being in the desert anymore. We got a break from cooking and enjoyed a pizza party at Dominoes, set up camp, and are now getting prepared for rock climbing tomorrow!

Best, Gunnar

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