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CM2 7/20/23 Blog

Hello family and friends, today we started our morning bright and early at 6 am. The group had to pack their bags and eat breakfast quickly, as we had to catch a 7:30 ferry to Bol. India, Sebastian, Ronin, Pierre, Bridget, and I, played Uno to pass the hour long boat ride, in which Sebastian and India kept winning. Once we arrived in Bol, we stopped at a local bakery where the pastries were handmade, and were delicious. Pierre and I got chocolate croissants which were the best I had ever had. We couldn’t check in to our hotel yet, so we made our way to the beach, enjoying the view the island presented. The beach had a literal water park on the water, with different types of obstacle courses that kept us entertained all day. It was fun, and the wipe outs made it funnier, there was a lot of climbing, Anna lost her balance and barrel rolled into a group of locals. Hannah, Anna, and Cameron tanned in the sun on one of the blow-ups. We arrived at the hostel with local subs and cold water that we picked up along the way. We swam in the hotel pool and played the Movie Game before we went up to our rooms to relax before dinner. Then, we ended the night with the best pizza I had in Croatia.

By: Macklin

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