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CM1 7/4/23 Blog

Hey what’s up you guys! It’s Fiona. Happy Fourth of July, (Daisy’s favorite holiday)! Today started out cold as our hostel room really needs to learn about climate control. Our AC was blasting all night. However, we had a nice late start of 8 o’clock. At breakfast, we were greeted with lots of Fourth of July swag that Olivia and Kayla brought from the US. Next, we made our way over to a hiking spot while doing lots of riddles. We were all pretty stumped, but Vera was the first to figure most of them out. The hike was challenging but very rewarding, with beautiful views at the top. The next stop was a beautiful blue pebble beach. We ate our delicious sandwiches and all hopped in the water. After extensive practice last night, me, Ava, Jessie, and Vera performed (which we thought no one could hear) our rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, which is featured in Jordan’s vlog. After getting the entire way through our a cappella version of the national anthem, we received a shocking standing ovation from about 40 Croatian beachgoers. We laughed for about 10 minutes straight after, and Jack and Dylan pretended not to know us. After some more swimming and sun bathing, we walked all the way back to the city while listening to Taylor Swift from Olivia’s speaker. Our group walked in front with Taylor, while the boys walked in the back listening to whatever they were listening to (Kayla has informed us Mr. Worldwide was featured). We transported our fully packed bags to the ferry and went by the crazy good gelato place one more time. Right now, I’m writing this on the ferry to Bol.

Bol is gorgeous, so beautiful and has the cutest shops. After a trek with The Snack Bag, we arrived at our very nice hostel. We went down to dinner and I enjoyed sitting with Jack, Dylan, Vera, and Jessie. Great dinner. Great day.


P.S. from Liv and Kayla- Believe it or not, tomorrow (7/6) is the day of our mid-trip phone calls!!! We will be in Korcula and have a few things we need to accomplish along with our calls. The kids will be calling on WhatsApp from either mine (Liv) or Kayla’s phone. We are hoping to begin calling in the afternoon here, which would be mid-late morning for most of you. If you believe you may have a conflict with that timing, please message us on WhatsApp so we can figure out an alternative time. Trip is going great so far, this is truly an incredible group of kids 🙂

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