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California Discovery 2: Santa Cruz Boardwalk 7/16

Welcome to the Blog! This morning, Connor, Alina, and Edie made breakfast. We had eggs, hashbrowns and sausage. Once we were nice and full and also played some get to know you games, we went to town where Anna and Abby bought bracelets. Charlotte, Alena, Hadley, Kaya, George, Grey, and Cooper got all got cookies. Conner wasn’t feeling cookies so he got a coke. Then we went on a super awesome hike and rode a cool four seated bike. We also hung out on the beach where Kaya and Henry played jump rope with seaweed. The beach was really fun. After that we went to the board walk and went on the Giant Dipper, which is the best roller coaster on the boardwalk. We then spent our town time at the boardwalk exploring and buying treats.

Your blog crew,

Charlotte and Cooper


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