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California Discovery 1: Introductions!!

Hello everyone! This is Remi and David from Bold Earth. We are so excited to welcome students from all around the United States for our California Discovery trip. We will go on adventures ranging from sightseeing, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, and even white water rafting!

A message from Remi:

Hey everyone! My name is Remi and I can’t wait to travel around my home state of California with you! This is my sixth summer leading trips and I love it more and more every time. I spend the rest of the year working in the Bold Earth office so it is always great to get out into the field and experience the magic of our trips. I’m looking forward to spending time by the ocean with all of you and singing, dancing, and laughing a lot on our trip. Can’t wait to meet you!

A message from David:

I’m David and I’m super excited to meet you all! My favorite outdoor sport is rock climbing so I’m stoked to climb in Yosemite with everyone. I’m from Oklahoma so I’m looking forward to learning how to surf and hanging out on the beach with everyone. I can’t wait to see all 12 of you in San Francisco!

Once again we can thank you all enough for entrusting us with your adventure experience! Our schedule is jam-packed with cool and exciting activities so be sure to bring your adventure caps. We look forward to seeing everyone soon! Our meeting place will be at baggage claim 1 in terminal 2.

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