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California Disco 2: 7/15 Day 1!

Our first day was very full! Charlotte arrived at 8am and decided to decorate everything with jewels. In her anticipation she bedazzled a box of gummies and kicked off our Facebook profile pages in our group journal. Everyone wrote their name, hometown, a fun fact about themselves and what they are most excited about on the trip. Gray saved Charlotte from her bedazzling frenzy when she arrived. Soon after, Edie joined the group and the three of them ate snacks while they eagerly awaited the rest of the crew. Hadley and Alena joined the group next and jumped on the sparkle train and proceeded to decorate their faces and more of our airport set up in jewels. Henry arrived next and busted out a deck of cards for the group to play a game with. Anna and Kaya patiently waited to get picked up, and once they did, they went to the gate with Remi to get Abby and Connor. Once those four met up with the group we all played some games while we waited for George and Connor to come out. After everyone arrived we rode the sky train to our van and loaded up! We stopped in a park to have lunch and played some more games. Then we slowly made our way to manresa beach. We got stuck in some traffic, but Taylor swift made the car ride better. Once we got to camp we unloaded and Kaya, George, Connor, cooper and Henry all volunteered to help David cook dinner tonight. Everyone else took a walk down to the beach with Remi and caught a glimpse of a sunset through the fog. We all had chicken burritos for dinner with lots of yummy toppings and then cleaned up and had evening meeting. We were all so tired from the big day and kept evening meeting short and sweet to get to bed early. We can’t wait to explore Santa Cruz tomorrow!

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